Unshared Prosperity

The warehouse workers of the Inland Empire play a crucial role in our global economy. They move billions of dollars worth of consumer goods each year that come from factories in places like China and end up on the shelves of big box retail outlets like Wal-Mart and Home Depot.

But residents of the Inland Empire have not shared in the prosperity of these big corporations that continue to increase their profits. Most warehouse workers have low wages and lack affordable health care coverage. Many work for temp agencies with no benefits or sick days. The warehouses are a net drain on our communities, increasing air pollution and congestion and contributing little to our tax base.

It’s time to make sure that warehouse jobs are good, middle class jobs with living wages, affordable health care benefits, and job security, so the Inland Empire can share in the prosperity of the big national retailers.

To learn more about the economic realities of warehouse workers in the Inland Empire, click here to read “Economic Crisis and the Logistics Industry:Financial Insecurity for Warehouse Workers in the Inland Empire” by Edna Bonacich, Professor Emeritus in Sociology and Ethnic Studies, University of California, Riverside and Juan David De Lara, Ph.D. Candidate in Geography, University of California, Berkeley.