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The New Blue Collar: Temporary Work, Lasting Poverty And The American Warehouse
Dave Jamieson
Huffington Post
December 20, 2011

Another Shocking Fact About the Walmart Heirs
Stacy Mitchell
Huffington Post
December 9, 2011

California Officials Vow to Crack Down on Underground Economy
Marc Lifsher
Los Angeles Times
December 9, 2011

California Labor Commissioner Issues Additional $616,250 Citation in Riverside County Warehouse Case
Erika Monterroza
California Department of Industrial Relations
November 17, 2011

Federal Court Issues TRO Requiring Wal-Mart Warehouses to Comply with Law
Michael Rubin
Altshuler Berzon LLP

November 1, 2011

California Workers Take Walmart’s Warehouses to Court
Kari Lydersen
In These Times
October 21, 2011

Warehouse Workers At Walmart-Contracted Facility Allege Abusive Conditions, Wage Theft
Dave Jamieson
Huffington Post
October 19, 2011

Inland Warehouse Workers Sue Walmart Distribution Center
Steven Cuevas
October 18, 2011

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Walmart Warehouse Under Investigation By California Labor Officials
Dave Jamieson
Huffington Post
October 14, 2011

Warehouse Operators Face Labor Law Heat
Jack Katzanek
Riverside Press-Enterprise
October 13, 2011

Recontratado tras recibir apoyo de sindicatos y polĂ­ticos
Alejandro Cano
La Prensa
Septiembre 4, 2011

Warehouse Workers United Files Charges With California OSHA Over Working Conditions For 100,000 Workers
Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News
July 26, 2011

Inland Empire Warehouse Workers File Complaint Over Alleged Unsafe Working Conditions
Steven Cuevas
July 26, 2011

Worker Leader Ana Sanchez on Univision
July 26, 2011

A Visit to the Warehouse of Soul-Crushing Sadness
Mac McClelland
July 12, 2011

From Racism to Lung Cancer, Workers Cope with life in the Logistics Industry
Kari Lyderson
In These Times
May 2, 2011

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