VIDEO: Warehouse Workers Strike

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  1. this is Tom P Noonan I use to work over at San Fernando Sam’s Club as a Cart Attendance from 08/20/1991 to 08/28/2002 now I do work Part Time Job over at Vallarta Supermarkets as a Courtesy Clerk and make $8.25 an Hour, Palmdale Ca Vallarta Supermarkets Business move very slow because Walmart is taking our Business away from Us East Palmdale Ca Walmart Supercenter got Low Price then Vallarta Supermarkets, let get rid of East Palmdale Ca Walmart Supercenter right of away please so we can get Busy at Vallarta Supermarkets and get more Hour at Vallarta Supermarkets so we can pay our Bill on time, Sam’s Club own by Walmart,

    Thank You Very Much From Tom P Noonan

  2. I wish I could send money, however at 95 I don’t have it. I am in favor of unionizing and hope these workers can “pull it off!”

  3. As an Australian union activist, I’m not directly affected by Walmart, but I’m well aware of the company’s appalling treatment of its workers around the world.

    Congratulations to those taking strike action and best wishes to all employees of Walmart and its contractors. May your actions have a positive outcome for all Walmart workers.

  4. As a Union Steward, I fully support unionization to protect the rights of workers from those who would deny them their rights in the name of profits.

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