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46 Comments on "Thank you!"

  1. Lucas Ramatlhodi | September 25, 2012 at 2:30 pm | Reply

    Workers should continue their just and legitimate struggle for fair treatment and improved conditions. I am with them 100%!

    It is irresponsible for the Walmart Spokesperson to suggest that the genuine grievances of workers are “either unfounded, or if they are legitimate, have been addressed”. Clearly, he is either misinformed, deliberately refusing to acknowledge the truth or simply contributing to crude mass exploitation of workers beyond the confines of Walmart.

    • These are part of Romney,s47%. The working poor who have no use to any politician except as pawns in corporate Americas money above all else machine.All should be held accountable and god forbid anyone gets hurt, they should be prosecuted.

      • Richard Crooks | December 23, 2012 at 5:13 pm | Reply

        Wal Mart has to be held accountable all over the world. Look how many lives could have been saved in the last fire if they cared.
        All they do is pass the buck and blame somebody else.

    • I vote for “crude mass exploitation”. He’s getting paid by Wal-Mart.

  2. Kathi Korteling | September 25, 2012 at 2:58 pm | Reply

    Dont shop there and never will. Until they begin to start addressing the atrocities in China and the revolting way they treat their workers.

    This family is disreputable and doesn’t need mine or my families business. I have zero use for this heinous company.

    • I haven’t shopped there since 2007 after finding out about Wal-Mart’s deplorable treatment of its own employees, as well as the treatment of workers in the factories from which Wal-Mart purchases its merchandise. Wal-Mart’s customer service, or, rather, lack thereof, was also a major reason I stopped shopping there. I don’t expect a lot of help in big-box retail stores, but I do expect courteous assistance on the rare occasion that I do need help. That is entirely lacking at Wal-Mart.

      I, like you, will NEVER SHOP AT WAL-MART AGAN!

    • Kathi, you are not alone. It’s been eight years since I set foot in walmart. The Walton family’s unconscionable greed is no less than neurotic !!

    • Richard Crooks | December 23, 2012 at 5:14 pm | Reply

      Good for you, We need more like you.

  3. Ok everyone! Lets pick a day and not go to Walmart until the problems are addressed and FIXED!! Are you with me on this?? I believe the point will be PROFOUNDLY MADE!

    • I never shop at Walmart and I never will unless and until they respect and treat their employees decently. The largest retailer in U.S. could make a difference in the economic lives of their employees. Most can’t support their selves with the low wages they receive. Shame on Walmart!!!!!

      • Have you seen the documentary on Wal-Mart? They educate their employees on all the benefits available to them through the gov’t, so they don’t have to provide anything. Talk about gov’t subsidies for WM

    • I agree with Diana. We should stop shopping at all WalMarts until problems are solved. United we stand! Boycott Walmart!!

    • I’m with you taking a day or two and no one go’s shopping at Walmart if you can find a way to do this I’m there with you. They would be in a world of hurt if no one shop at there store’s for a day. All it would take is one day

      • Why just one day? I am like many people who have not set foot in a wally world in YEARS. A DAY isn’t going to hurt their bottom line. Don’t ever shop there again WILL. The only vote that counts is the Almighty Dollar vote. Start voting people!

      • Way too many poorer people who can’t not shop there. Everyone should always try to shop as local as possible, even if it hurts somewhat, price wise. Ultimately we all do better.

    • Lets shut down Black Friday! No shopping until the workers are respected!

    • Better yet, let’s pick a day and all go Picket Wally World to treat their workers right! A large group of pickets will get attention and could even cause others to shop elsewhere.

      If they want to build a new store in your area, speak up and say NO. They already have too many and don’t need more. Just another example of corporate greed.

  4. No matter the employer they really don’t care about the people who work for them no matter who the employer is and sadly that is a fact.

    I worked for a bank and all they cared about was their bottom line and if isn’t green enough they will let go of people even if they are an excellent worker.

    • Yes, that’s the “job creators”. Just like a business with a store that might be making lots of profit, but not as much as some, so they close that store to make the average go up, without any concern for employees, customers, the local economy. It’s called creative accounting.

  5. James Mazzarella | September 25, 2012 at 3:51 pm | Reply

    I wish Walmart would stop the rhetoric about how much they give to charity and start treating their workers like human beings. It seems their workers are the very people who need charity because of the way Walmart operates. I forbid my family and fiends to patronize this dump until it cleans up its act with its workers!!!

  6. I never go to Walmart..I do not like the way they treat their workers..period..I do not like anything about Walmart since Sam Walton died..

    • Typical business started by a smart person who builds an empire, then it gets turned over to his lazy bastard children who he never had any time to teach any morals to. They ultimately don’t care who they crap on. That’s why we need a “severe” inheritance tax on multi millionares. Their kids are usually worthless.

  7. Walmart is the most despicable corporation on earth, negatively affecting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The Walton family and the elite management of Walmart are the lowest forms of life on earth. All for the almighty dollar. I haven’t set foot in a Walmart in over 20 years and constantly spread the word about the treatment of workers at this hell hole of a company.

  8. My son worked for them earlier this year and was physically hurt working in the stockroom. I took him to our family doctor who in turn sent him to a specialist. His foot was to be in a cast for six weeks. WalMart almost denied him workman’s comp because he saw his own doctor. My son was to be given light duty while recovering, but lower level supervisors kept bullying him to work while under these restrictions. He was then told to take the cast off three weeks before the regular doctors prescribed. Again, his supervisors demanded he pull a full load at work while still on restricted duty. He started limping, swelling, and having terrible pain again. We just told him to quit. The pay he received all went to medical bills, and the ignorance and bullying wasn’t worth it.
    We will never shop at this store and will encourage others to so the same.

    • That, my friend, is why we need unions across the board in this country – to protect us from immoral, unethical business practices. Laws were broken in your son’s case. He absolutely has the right under OWCP laws to see his own doctor. I’ve been the OWCP rep for our local union (Nat. Assoc. of Letter Carriers) for the last 6 years. Management, when it comes to OWCP, usually either lies or is ignorant. A whole lot of both actually. They want you to quit.

  9. My family and I have been boycotting Wal-Mart for many years. In the past 10 years, Wal-Mart has grown to become the largest retailer in the world. As the U.S.A’s largest employer and most successful company, Wal-Mart has tremendous influence. However, the company’s business practices have negative impacted its employees throughout the country. Wal-Mart has let U.S.A workers down by lowering wages and forcing good paying jobs overseas. They are famous for unfair pay, labor practices, unethical business, etc.

  10. the only time I go into Walmart is to buy an umbrella because they are the only store in ABQ that carries large stadium size ones, and I have a bad habit of losing them, otherwise, they are the only store in town that sells these neat shower curtains with mesh side pockets. I bought a microwave from them in 2010, it died just over a year later….what a ripoff, I support any complaint against these people because they want to establish the same 2 tier society they have in Arkansas [where my dad was born], your stuck in a no account job working at Walmart, and can only afford to shop there and places like it, or you’re rich and you can shop at Dillards, while the rest of us get labelled losers, victims, moochers, and parasites…..what a ripoff, but I believe in Jesus, and he will save us all…..and the others will probably burn.

  11. James M. Samuel | September 25, 2012 at 6:11 pm | Reply

    Walmart is the only commercial retailer in Grant County KY where I live. We don’t, will not ever shop there until the Walton bunch obtains a moral compass. They could really change the face of America if they would just put all of the might behind us and not third world countries with inferior products and human rights atrocities.

  12. The safety of your employees is priceless .

  13. If there is any one company that needs to have its employees organized by a labor union it is “Wally World”.Its a scumbag company that cares for nothing but the bottom line,May8 God give all the employees the strength some day to be under a union banner,keep up the good work folks,we all know that its a rotten company to work for…

  14. Catherine Cheek | September 25, 2012 at 8:10 pm | Reply

    Being that I have family members who work for Walmart and we all shop there I think it is a great idea to make sure everyone is safe….

  15. Wal-Mart is a POVERTY PIMP. They go into disenfranchised, low income communities and build their stores, offering jobs that are truly a joke, because 99% of the employees can not live on that poverty wage.

    While Wal-Mart and their family have and live off Billions. Is that truly living/job when you can;t afford to get sick, because one of the wealthies companies do not provide you with healthcare.

    That is why they build in disenfranchised communities, pretending to bring help to us and our communities, while stealing our lives and health. The most NOTORIOUS POVERTY PIMP of ALL.

    • I’ve seen it everywhere, not just with WM. “Work for us at minimun wage, P/T, or don’t work at all, and no unions please.” We’ll leave. hahahaha
      Again, that’s where unions are a blessing and if we could organize the whole country, we’d all be better off

  16. I too have stopped shopping at wal mart many years ago. they preached made in the U.S.A. only and now what do you see only everything made in CHINA. also they cost the American people tax dollars to pay for their employees health care because they put them on part time work.

  17. Doris Marie Jones | September 26, 2012 at 2:19 am | Reply

    I have never had a problem at Wal Mart but I will always support workers who are not treated fairly. I signed the previous petition and will sign many more like this that comes in my email. I say, for anyone who still shops Wal Mart, to not shop there the last day of each month until we get news that things have changed.

    Mark your calendars and don’t forget. We have the power and after three months, if things are not better, we will pick another day not to shop there, making it two days per month and on and on until things are fixed right.

  18. Workers within Walmart must be treated with respect and as valued employees who are working hard for the company. Walmart must realize it is the employees who greet and wait on customers on behalf of the company. That is what brings customers back to buy Walmart’s products. It only makes good business sense to treat the workers right. As my father once said, “You can’t unionize a company that treats and pays their employees well.”

    • That’s exactly right. You never see any hint of union activity in a company that is run as if the employees are part of the whole company and are treated fairly.

  19. Sr. M. Amelie Hawxhurst,RSM | September 26, 2012 at 7:23 pm | Reply

    I haven’t shopped at walmart for YEARS & NEVER WILL AGAIN !!!

  20. Sr. M. Amelie Hawxhurst,RSM | September 26, 2012 at 7:26 pm | Reply


  21. I vote with my money. Because of the unforgivable way this company treats its employees and forces the cost of employees healthcare on the American public I absolutely refuse to spend my hard earned dollars there

  22. Shame on u!!
    Treating us Americans with no respect and risking our lives to make a few more Billions for YOUR Family, not any of ours.
    Always! SS

  23. Dr Carl F Selnes (MSgt USAF, ret) | October 9, 2012 at 3:49 am | Reply

    I see a boycot on the horizon………….

  24. Boycott Walmart! I always have. They put too many small businesses out of business.

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