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57 Comments on "Thank You for Signing"

  1. I wish the best for workers in Wallmart,because they need to be try like human being, we must support them, is 10:12p.m.,9/13/2012…

    • Kathy Geltmacher | September 14, 2012 at 2:14 pm | Reply

      I worked in the warehouse for 2 months and they do treat their employees like dirt. Since I left there I have not even gone into the store.You couldn’t pay me to shop at walmart.They’re out there to put all others out of buisness’and when they finally do’ they won’t be so cheap to shop at anymore, and that is their number 1 goal.

  2. rudy ( the indian ) cuevas | September 14, 2012 at 2:18 am | Reply

    it is time for people to stand up to wallmart, even though it is generating alot of money they should take care of their warehousemen, IF THE WAREHOUSE SLOWS DOWN SO DOES WALLMART$ FLOW. good luck my friends may the fight begin!

    • Even though Amazon is FAR from perfect in IT’S treatment of workers, they’re a far cry ABOVE Walmart. So guess where I’ll do MY shopping?
      CLUE: It’s NOT Walmart.

    • As a former warehouse worker, I know how strenuous and fraught with injury the work is. Keep up the struggle for better working conditions.

    • It is obscene the 6 Wal-Mart heirs are worth as much as bottom 41.5% of American families. This is why we must force them to take care of their workers…lower their profit margins and treat their worders with respect!!!

  3. this case is so sad there are so many similar cases out there. I went through the same thing, but a different Corporation. we as the people have to change the laws here in California and throughout the American nation in order to prevent cases like this from ever happening to any other person out there that’s just trying to make a decent living.
    think you for taking the time and reading my post

  4. The customer service suffers when the workers are angry. Think about it.


    • And their is a global union busting movement afoot…lead by the likes of Walmart, through their business tactics with their suppliers…”Made in China” and still they ask their suppliers for more…our leaders (corporate and political) need to start fighting INJUSTICE not unions.

    • Trina Sonnenberg | September 17, 2012 at 12:45 pm | Reply

      The best job I ever had was with a union watching my back. Walmart workers are not even allowed to speak the word union and keep their jobs.

  6. Bernadine Maddox | September 14, 2012 at 3:31 am | Reply

    I am not a warehouse worker, but I had only been with Walmart for 4 months when I had a chair collapse on me while I was signing onto a computer to do a Grassroots Survey. Part of the conversation immediately after by the manager and APC involved that they must have missed some of the defective chairs. I ended up having to have a fusion (2 sets of titanium rods and screws) in my lower back and it took 11 1/2 months to get that done. Since then, I have documentation that these chairs were known to have defects since Nov. 2007. This accident happened in July of 2008. The work comp drs kept saying that it was just strained muscles. It ended up being bulging discs.

  7. maybe its time to initiate a massive boycott i helped organize the National farm workers association boycott in Sacramento in 65 and 66 also occupy walmart would be a good idea i’m 71 and poor but how would you likw my help???

  8. Timmy O. Garcia | September 14, 2012 at 4:42 am | Reply

    I’m also a former Walmart People Greeter Associate. I was buulied by the customers, Coached & Intimidsted by the msnsgers, ignored by co-workers when I needed restroom periods. In the hottest summers on record. I had epileptic seizures while on the job. I also wound up having bleeding hemeroids on the job that I had to walk to back to clock & walking out the center GM doors in open public from job to walking pain while bleeding 2 miles back my apartment & climbing upstairs to get to my apartmemt to bath off the blood & waste seapage which was more painful. I wound so bad that I fell into a deep depression bodering on suicide. WALMART MADE MY SO HAZARDOUS. I WAS DIGNOSED AS BIPOLAR!!! I WAS IN SO PAIN. I WAS SEIZURING IN PANIC ATTACKS!!!! AND, THE LAST CUSTOMER GOT IN MY FACE…I EXPLODED IN SUCH A RAGE AS HE/SHE CUSSED ME OUT!!!!! I RETURNED FIRE WITH BRIMSTONED RAGE STANDING TOE-TO-TOE NEVER BACKING DOWN!!!! I WILL NOY TAKE IT FROM ANY BULLYING FROM WALMART’S MANAGING ASSOCIATES OR THE CUSTOMERS!!! I BOW DOWN TO NO ONE!!!! IWAS RAISED TO KICK ASS!!! NOT KISS ASS!!!! LET THEM ROT IN HELL FOREVER!!!!! I WILL NOT WORK A PISS POOR JOB FOR A PISS ASS PAY FOR ANY ARROGANT ASSHOLES!!!! MIKE DUKES DIDN’Y HAVE THE DAMN BALLS TO SPEAK TO O.U.R. WALMART ASSOCIATES FACE-TO-FACE. HE IS A DAMN COWARD HE SENT HIS HENCH MEN & WOMEN THREATENING ARRESTS FOR CRIMINAL TRESSPASS!!!!!! I WILL WORK FOR WALMART NO MORE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jaime A. Lozano | September 14, 2012 at 4:53 am | Reply

    In solidarity, No workers should ever be treated to unsafe working conditions…. fresh drinking water should be supplied as a matter of course…You need to be treated like they call you HUMAN RESOURCES…. a company asset! This company’s management needs to take courses on empowering employees.. this is just plain wrong!

  10. Chuck Etheridge | September 14, 2012 at 6:50 am | Reply

    I have never worked for Wallmart, but as one who delivered truckloads of merchandise to them, i can readily vouch for the awful condiitons which prevail in their warehouses. The are also very rude to drivers such as I was.

  11. Lucas Ramatlhodi | September 14, 2012 at 7:48 am | Reply

    It is indeed sad that despite workers working their socks of to generate millions and millions of dollars (even billions), they continue to be treated like trash. Indeed, it is only through organisation and collective effort that the struggle of the workers can really have a profile. Only through unionisation can organisation and collectivism be achieved. The struggle of workers in Walmart is legitimate, necessary and justified. FIGHT ON, IT IS THE ONLY WAY YOU STAND TO ERADICATE THE DISGUISED WALMART SLAVERY PHILOSOPHY!

  12. Time to organize,get the Teamsters to help.I worked at a warehouse in new York so I know what your going thru.
    Good luck

  13. Nick the warehouseman | September 14, 2012 at 11:33 am | Reply

    My heart and prayers go out to the walmart warehousemen and women. I’ll send my money in support. I wish we had the union here in Texas, we go through the same shit.

    Hasta la victoria siempre!
    We stand together.
    Solidarity forever, brothers and sisters, we stand with you!

  14. As a staunch Unionist, I feel that WalMart better start listening to the people. I have fought for Union rights, and I feel that WalMart is one of the biggest union busters around.
    Time to get OSHA and the NLRB totally involved.
    Minimum pay does not mean minimum pay in 3rd world countries. How can anyone survive in this country on ‘minimum’ pay? And minimum to whom? The owners/executives at WaMart? Their minimum is what the 3rd worlders get. Start paying them minimum wages with no health insurance and see how they like it.

  15. Samantha Bourdelier | September 14, 2012 at 3:08 pm | Reply

    I want to talk to t the Walmart employees. I am sad to see what used to be a nice store shop there although I don’t know what it was like to work there back in the days. I am not talking about yesterday but the working conditions of today. I did not know the working environment you have been working under but I must say I am not surprised. The owners rake in billions of dollars every year. When you have that much money there is a way you can spend money without touching the money in your account. The point is they are filthy rich and don’t have any concern for their employees.

    I have heard that every employee goes through an orientation. This is not a regular orientation to learn about the store. This orientation is to teach people to learn how to apply for food stamps, health care, WIC and maybe lists where you can pick up food boxes. Lots of information you need to make up for the make up for the money you are not making. The money you are not making because they won’t give you a full jobs. I have also heard of the glass ceiling where the women can above but can’t get to it. Which means that women know there is an opportunity for advancement but the advancement but women do not qualify for this advancement.

    Walmart uses sweat shops to manufacture some of the merchandise they sell they will make even more money. These guys love money and I think they have more than they can spend in a year.

    Walmart is not the store it used to be a nice place to shop. I don’t know if it was a good place to work for back in the day. All I know it is not a good place to shop and it is not the quite the same place it was. It is true that they sell many of their products cheaper than other stores but what is the consequences for shopping there? You don’t support local industry when jobs are being exported out of the country. It is not the only way prices are kept low. It is a combination of a number of factors that add up to more money in the employers pocket while their associates are using food stamps and ACHHHS because they cannot afford decent health care. I feel sorry for people who work at Walmart.

    That is not all. In small towns where Walmart camp in their town. People start shopping at Walmart and stop shopping an local the local stores and one by one they start to fold. Who can compete with Walmart. One by one stores that have been away for forty years start closing there doors. And before you can say Walmart the local economy and industry is shut down and the town turns into a ghost town echoing with the sound of life that used to be proud of their town.

    It is for these reasons and more I refuse to shop Walmart. I try to avoid all big box stores who come in on rails of the chain store but of all the big box stores is Walmart. There are many more things I can tell you that would surprise about how Walmart.
    Support your local mom and pop stores and support your town and that way stores that would have closed their doors forever would be given a new lease on life.


  16. Mack Mackye Mahlik | September 14, 2012 at 4:13 pm | Reply

    Sad case indeed,no employer should be allowed to get away with this kind of employee treatment.In a country with laws and agencies to govern and supervise all aspects of human nature,this just should not happen.Workers and people alike who work for big corporations need to realize without them to work,the companies have nothing.This is the reason why when there is a very valid issue like this one,all workers must be united,no matter your ethnicity and personal issues,to make a bold statement to management and the world that employee treatment like this should not be tolerated by anyone anywhere.

  17. Walmart makes HUGE profits but expects the rest of the country to subsidize their poorly paid workers. Share your profits with your workers, Walmart- they are why you are successful.


  18. I refuse to shop at Walmart and Targhetto because of the way in which they treat their employees and invariably their customers. They THINK we don’t know but WE the CUSTOMERS make ACTIVE CHOICES to support companies that treat their employees with RESPECT.

    While the CEO and Sr. Execs make MILLION$ the workers suffer. How much $ is ENOUGH? How much more do you want the workers to suffer and sacrifice?!

  19. In solidarity, No workers should ever be treated to unsafe working conditions…. fresh drinking water should be supplied as a matter of course…You need to be treated like they call you HUMAN RESOURCES…. a company asset! This company’s management needs to take courses on empowering employees.. this is just plain wrong!

  20. I wish the workers luck and Walmart should be ashamed of themselves!

  21. I recently heard on a TV program that the Walton family who own Walmart stores possess 40% percent of the wealth in this country. True or not they have the means to treat their workers fairly. If people would boycott Walmart, as I do, perhaps that would send them a message. After all, there are other places to shop. And,many have better ‘bargains’. I believe that Walmart has done a great job brainwashing the general public into believing that they are the only place to shop.

  22. I swore years ago that I would not shop at Walmart, and I’ve kept that promise with only one exception for 15 years. I have known many people who worked for them, and almost every person has stories of how badly they were treated. A boycott is a very, very good idea, and I think there would be a great deal of support for it!

  23. I think a Boycott is in order.

    As a member of the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalman Local 173. My purchase today at our local Walmart in Woodland will be my last until this is resolved !!

  24. I have known several Walmart emplyees and the conditions are horrible… won’t fix broken equipment, disciplined for taking a restroom break, requiring employees to work pallets with injuried wrists…and so on. Workers are not suppose to be scared to take leak. All the Waltons want are more momey and power and don’t give a crap what kind of hostile enviroment they are deliberatly encourage. (If they don’t make things better…then thet are responsible for the consequences). If they could get away with it they would enslave their employees…

  25. Shame on you Walmart executives and board for dehumanizing the work place and treating people like animals. I love your stores and have always supported them but I will not anymore. How much profit is enough? How do you sleep at night? Would you like your children, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers to be treated this way? I would gladly pay more for your products if it meant that these hard working folks had decent working conditions.

  26. Robert McAnallen | September 14, 2012 at 11:26 pm | Reply

    To all you hard working men and women trying to make a living,my advice is call your local Teamster Union hall,then have 60 percent of your coworkers sign a card to join the Teamsters Union.I pray you will.What is happening to you folks is why Unions were formed to protect workers rights.I wish you all the best.

  27. Wal Mart is helping to reduce the American standard of living to third-world status through its abuse of its workers. No matter how low the prices are, I am done shopping at Wal Mart.

  28. Walmart and their management is one of the worst companies I have ever seen. I have a sister that worked for Walmart and not only was she bullied; but, she watched while the management staff set up traps for other employees so they could fire them; such as, filling the cashier area where the cashier stands with cases of sodas, etc. and waiting until she removed the items so she could to to work, then they fired her for taking so long to get on the register. SICK…

  29. The Walton’s spent MULTI MILLIONS OF $$$$$$ for their “museum” yet treat employees like slaves! I will not ever for ANY REASON enter one of their stores. As a struggling small business owner I know all to well what destruction this fucorporation is doing not just in America but worldwide! The ultimate irony is that the Walton’s may be among the worlds richest people but they are nothing but TRASH and they stink to high heaven. I wish them ALL THE BAD KARMA THEY SO RICHLY DESERVE!

  30. This company needs to learn how to treat workers as human beings. I am ready to boycott. Walmart is not the only place to shop and many other stores actually have lower prices. I can live without Walmart.

  31. I have not been in a Walmart in over 9 years nor do I plan on going into another ever! Walmart is just 1 more thing that is wrong with this country! It sure was not Sam Waltons intention to run Americans out of good paying jobs! In the beginning everything was “MADE IN THE USA” not China! Walmart: the worlds largest employer with the most employees on public and state assistance! WTF! His kids are greedy! Old Sam has rolled over in his grave by now.

  32. This one is plain wrong to use human being in such way.They must stop this and do well.I beg them to follow agood way to there employees to not suffer.

  33. Vicente Arsiaga | September 15, 2012 at 2:14 pm | Reply

    Just like the rich “repugs” drowning in wealth and don’t want to share in their responsiblity…must remember the working man participates in your success should also be a participant in the rewards…

  34. The employees are a company’s greatest asset, and without the hard work and good will of those employees even the biggest of company’s is bought to it’s knees. I hope you are all able to organize as a collective and send a powerful message that cannot be ignored. My thoughts are with all of you, my best regards, Ray Spurr Unite the union, England

  35. Wow! I was so unaware of this type of
    treatment toward the workers. I bet the Administrators all call themselves
    Christians, too! They are such hypocrites, and so evil toward the workers. This is exactly WHY the country needs strict oversight, to protect the lives and dignity of all human beings seeking an honest job.
    Without those workers, Walmart would be a multi-million dollar “ZERO.”
    They treat their DOGS better than their
    Workers. They better WATCH OUT!

  36. Stay the course . I don’t shop at Walmart and will not until they change their way they treat their EMployees. God Bless all of you

  37. The Walton family got to be the richest family in the world by having the lowest prices. Those prices, however, were not based on lower profit margins but on cheating their own workers and their suppliers’ workers out of a living wage and safe and healthy working conditions. May the entire Walton family someday rot in hell for their massive crimes against humanity.

  38. As someone who knows the hardships of warehouse work I support the strike. Walmart has decimated local business’s across America with the big box against whom local merchants are not equipped to compete. The people who sponsored little league teams, tithed at a local church or paid. property taxes
    to support local schools have all been forced to close up shop when Walmart opens a store. Walmart has even been known to coach workers on how to get public benefits to supplement paltry wages paid to their retail employee’s. 1 in 3 Americans earn less than $10.00 per hour. ENOUGH ALL READY!

    Neal A. Lampi

    • What I see is that most of us would gladly boycott this wretched company if we could afford to. Many of us are poor and if we need something, the best prices are at Walmart. Never mind that the merchandise is inferior quality, we know that. Still it is a matter of money and getting the best price for an item we really cannot afford but need. Walmart knows that. Their prescription drug prices are the cheapest and my husband has to have some costly medications. I work in a large retail chain store and although we are not union, and I do make under $10 per hour, they treat us very well. We can take our own water bottles to our registers so we can have fresh water all the time. The company stresses that we take our allotted 15 min. breaks and our lunch times which 30 min. of are also paid. If we wish to take longer, we are allowed but do not get paid for the additional time. I came from a union retail shop – I love unions so do not take this wrong, but when they decided I had gotten too old to be useful to them and might have to use the insurance they got rid of me. The union tried, but best that could be done was a small severance package and a promise not to interfere with unemployment. Unions have lost so much power we need to empower them again. This is also the reason it is so tough to get a union into Walmart – they have lost power and cannot offer the help they once could. Something surely needs to be done for these helpless workers!!

  39. Brothers &Sisters, no fight with Management is ever easy. Together, you can make a difference. Yes, they are strong. Yes, they have money. You have numbers and your labor. You also have the press, radio, political action groups, other unions and central labor councils in your area. Use all of them and never give in. Good luck and keep fighting.

  40. Walmart needs to show some empathy for it’s employees. People shouldn’t have to fight for healtcare. It’s like easy come, easy go. How can a company treat people so unjust, it’s beyond me?

  41. Sisters and brothers

    Is time for us to take a stand that’s the reason that corporations walked on top of the middle-class so many years because we were all separated and it’s time to realize that no matter where you live .if you live in America you in same boat we believe in our freedom ,family ,free-speech and their wages and just doing what’s right I’m writing you from Houston Texas and I just believe that if you standup together unified you will win because you do not stand alone .

  42. I urge Walmart to be a responsible corporate citizen by listening to the voices of their grievences. You can do it without loosing much profit.
    Look at Costco company as an example of good corporate citizen!

  43. Costco IN – Walmart OUT…
    We don’t want them, we don’t need them. I have rarely shopped there, I will refrain from doing so until they can become a Union Made business. But then, what about SAMS Club?
    Humanity should NEVER come with a cost.
    “Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you”

  44. Stay united ;Divided we fall.God Bless your endavores and win,win,win.

  45. You have the right to organize and give input at your working environment. Call your State Dept. Occupational Safety And Heath Inspector.God bless and help these

  46. raymond whitfield | September 20, 2012 at 11:58 pm | Reply


  47. Regaina Richardson | November 11, 2012 at 4:04 am | Reply

    I remember when (I), worked in the Medical Records Department in the Old Los Angeles County General Hospital,it was HOT and Very Dusty there. And when management did not listen to our reguest for better working conditions, we as you have done (together) turned to your SEIU our Union and the SEIU got their attention. Change I’m sure is on the way. STAND STRONG

  48. Kathryn Wright | November 15, 2012 at 5:41 am | Reply

    I have never shopped at Walmart. I have never even been through the doors of a Walmart so this is my promise: I will shop at Walmart, even with raised prices, although the Walton heirs, could afford absorbing any raised costs themselves, if they allow their workers to unionized and buy American, union made products to sell.

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