Temp Worker Project


You may be a temporary worker and not even know it! Come to our upcoming Legal Clinics in the month of October 2017 to learn more about your rights. 

We are also holding a special Temporary Worker Convening on November 2, 2017 in Los Angeles. Contact us at tshadix@worksafe.org or (541) 842-0964 if you are a temporary worker and you are interested in attending.

All across California and the nation, workers are being hired for temporary jobs that can last years. What this means is that temp workers may always be wondering whether or not they will have a job next week, or next month. They may be constantly worried about whether or not they can pay their bills or if will be unemployed in the near future.

Are you a temporary worker? It does not matter if you have been at your current job for months or years. Many temp workers report being at their job for up to six years! Take our test and find out:

  1. Were you hired by a staffing or temporary agency?

  2. Were you paid by an employer other than the one whose jobsite you work at?

  3. Do you receive different or no benefits compared to other workers at your jobsite?

  4. Do your benefits come from an employer other than your jobsite?

  5. Do you receive no benefits at all?

  6. Is your job scheduling and sometimes unpredictable?

The temporary workforce is a rising epidemic in California and nationally.  Since 2009, one in five workers re hired for temporary jobs. In California, there are hundreds of thousands of workers who toil everyday in low wage and sometimes dangerous jobs without any assurance that they have a permanent job.

Temporary workers are underpaid, often having their wages stolen from them. In addition, employers have managed to shift the cost of basic things like healthcare onto workers while shirking their own responsibilities.

If you answered “yes” to at least 3 of the above questions, you may be a temporary worker. You have rights. Worksafe and the Warehouse Workers Resource Center are working to form a statewide collective to advance the economic security, safety, and dignity of all temporary and contingent workers.

YOU are a vital part of our collective.  Contact us TODAY to find out how you can get involved.