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Sign Our Letter, Help Workers

My name is Marta Medina and I am a warehouse worker. In the five years I worked in a warehouse, I learned to tolerate dangerous and unjust working conditions. One of the most humiliating experiences happened four years ago when I was eight months pregnant. I received a Walmart order to ship 2,000 boxes in […]

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Workers Stand Up to Retaliation and Win

Warehouse workers filed charges to stop a recent wave of retaliation Wednesday and one worker was reinstated after being suspended indefinitely. Workers have raised serious concerns about high temperatures, broken equipment, constant yelling and pressure from supervisors and frequent injuries inside warehouses that move Walmart goods. They filed an extensive complaint with the state of […]

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PHOTOS: No more #brokenbodies.

View the photos of workers delivering a Cal/OSHA complaint to end dangerous working conditions at critical Walmart-contracted warehouse. Mira las fotos de los trabajadores de bodega entregando la queja que pusieron con Cal/OSHA para terminar las peligrosas condiciones de trabajo en una de las bodegas mas importantes sub-contratada por Walmart.

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Workers File Detailed Complaint to End Dangerous Working Conditions at Critical Walmart-Contracted Warehouse

LOS ANGELES – Warehouse workers required to work inside dark, hot, metal shipping containers with little ventilation or water under pressure to meet high quotas in the face of frequent injury filed a complaint with the state agency responsible for workplace conditions Wednesday. (Español aquí) Workers at a warehouse that moves goods exclusively for Walmart […]

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LA Latina Leaders Reveal New Details about Walmart’s Negative Effects on the Local Economy

LOS ANGELES — Major retailers like Walmart are driving down wages and workplace safety standards on a scale far greater than understood before, a report released today by the National Employment Law Project shows. The explosion of “domestic outsourcing,” the aggressive practice of contracting warehousing, transportation and goods delivery to a complex hierarchy of contractors […]