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Exactly one month ago, on March 4, garment workers in Nicaragua were brutally beaten during a peaceful protest when the company they work for – SAE-A, a Walmart supplier – paid a mob of more than 300 other workers to attack these employees, using scissors, metal pipes, and other weapons.

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This courageous group of workers is fighting to improve their working conditions, demand respect and win better wages. They are trying to form a new union, but in the process they are experiencing extreme retaliation. Workers have been bribed and 16 have been illegally fired in the company’s efforts to silence them. The brutal beating was the last straw.

Sign the petition and tell Walmart to demand its suppliers reinstate the workers, end all violent and illegal practices inside the factory and reimburse workers for medical bills and stolen property that resulted from the violent attack March 4.


More than 8,000 workers produce camisoles, T-shirts and lycra clothing for Walmart and other retailers at this one garment factory inside an export processing zone in Tipitapa, Nicaragua. They are paid less than $1 per hour. They are mistreated, regularly yelled at, denied trips to the bathroom and more.

The Worker Rights Consortium, which monitors garment factories, conducted an investigation of the violent attack. Facts in this article and petition are taken from its report, which you can find here.

Update – April 22

Petition Deliver to Support Nicaraguan WorkersPetition Delivered to Support Nicaraguan Workers

Warehouse Workers United and students from United Students Against Sweatshops delivered thousands of signatures in support of Nicaraguan garment workers April 22.

They called on a major supplier to Walmart, Under Armour and other major brands to end violence and respect workers’ rights.

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  1. I Hope I was a able to sigh the Petition….I kept clicking, but there didn’t seem to be a response, or anything that said it was signed…..check it out…thanks….Julie

  2. Robert Poulsen | April 4, 2013 at 5:02 pm | Reply

    Labor intimidation is cowardly. Give people a living wage and then they can buy your products. Greed is NOT a virtue.

  3. It’s reprehensible that on this day and age we still haveob brutality taking vengeance against peaceful demonstrators. These criminals should be imprisoned along with the Ealton family for their heartless practices.

  4. Steven B. Combes | April 4, 2013 at 5:21 pm | Reply

    I had the same problem with the submit button. I’m still not sure if my info went thru.

  5. Unfortunately, hatred of organized labor has existed for decades. It’s continuously pounded into our heads by the corporate-owned mass media, so the public turns a blind eye to the employment of slave labor and the treatment that comes with the practice. I mean, come on folks, where do you think that shirts for $5.99 come from?!?! Regardless, I’m very happy to read that the WWU has provided a forum from which the victims of slave labor can be heard. Wake up America!

  6. Vivian Schatz | April 4, 2013 at 12:48 pm | Reply

    The garment workers need to be protected from violence.

  7. nina greenberg | April 4, 2013 at 5:18 pm | Reply

    This kind of oppression must end.

  8. Aric Cummings | April 5, 2013 at 11:53 am | Reply

    Please America stop buying products from Wal-Mart stores.We need to step up and open our eyes what is going on with the employees.

  9. Es un acto de cobardía, lo que hicieron estos señores gerentes de estas empresas, manipulando a los trabajadores para agredir a los que están defendiendo sus derechos, unamos en esta lucha, xq esto esta comenzando, corran la voz y apoyenos en esta lucha que nuestro enemigo son los violadores de los derechos laborales de los obreros de zona franca, unidos y organizados triunfaremos, si quieren tener mas detalle sobre esta situación pueden ingresar a mi facebook Noe calero garcía, y ahí encontraran la lucha desde el lugar de los hechos,, y comente,, siempre en la lucha para que se nos respecten nuestro derechos como trabajador, Ni un paso atrás.

  10. No es justo que los trabajadores de zona franca en Nicaragua, estemos condenado a 4 años con un salario miserable del 8%. es injusto ya que elaboramos prenda de vestir de grandes marcas tales como Levis, Carhart, adidas, Walmart,Dikies, Magdonal, perry EL, Grey Anatomy etc, que vende su productos a un costo elevado. es hora que estas marcas se pongan la manos en su conciencia y exijan que sus proveedores paguen los justo a sus colaboradores, ya que solo recibimos maltratos, y un salario que solo nos alcanza para medio comer, tenemos metas de producion inalcanzable que los únicos beneficiados son los empresarios xq así no pagan mas del salario mínimo. Todos los trabajadores de zona franca de Nicaragua necesitamos de su gran apoyo, de su solidaridad que esta lucha apena comienza. Lucharemos para que se nos restituya nuestros derechos xq derechos que no se defienden es derechos que se pierde. si quieres mas información ingresa a mi facebook noe calero garcía. y veres fotos y vídeos de la situación actual que estamos atravesando comenta y compártelo. que la lucha a pena comienza. ni un paso atras.. solo el pueblo salva al pueblo.

  11. Jeremy Hayes | May 22, 2013 at 8:09 pm | Reply

    I just watched the Video on Live leak, and I am truly appalled, and I will never shop at walmart again! All this company cares about is it’s share holders! They do do charity in North America, meanwhile they promote and endorse Sweatshop, slave labor, and take advantage of third world Countries citizens all for the mighty dollar.. They cant and will not have garment factories in North America, as they know it would cost too much to make…. I stand by you all, and you all need to UNITE! You should all Walk off the Job, and Picket around the factory.. They can not and will not FIRE you all, as they would tank…. As for the Harsh management, I would follow them home, and picket in front of their homes! I do hope and pray you all get the fair wages, and a union in place to protect yourselves! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

  12. That’s exactly what the Republicans want for this country,and they have a real good start.Boehner,and Cantor,and Mitch the bitch.would like nothing better.

  13. You’re 100% right Jeremy,Slavery is alive and well, there was just a change of venue.

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