Inland Empire Pollution is Inescapabale

This following clip shows how the surge of warehousing and trucking has had detrimental impacts on the quality of air in Inland Empire communities. The rise and dominance of the logistics industry has hit the area hard and we have paid for it with the quality of our air and the breadth of the employment […]

San Bernardino’s Climate Strike

On September 20th, the Warehouse Worker Resource Center participated in an action in San Bernardino as part of the Global Climate Strike, a movement to address the worsening effects of climate change. The Global Climate Strike has been led by youth activists across the world with strikes being organized in 150 different countries. We worked […]

The WWRC is Hiring a Program Coordinator

Warehouse Worker Resource Center Los Angeles Program Coordinator Based in Los Angeles, CA The Warehouse Worker Resource Center is seeking an experienced Program Coordinator to lead our worker education, community organizing and strategic enforcement work in Los Angeles County. About the Warehouse Worker Resource Center The WWRC is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving […]

#NoTechForICE, WWRC Demands at Amazon Warehouse in San Bernardino

Last week, the Warehouse Worker Resource Center participated in an action coordinated between different organizations both in the region and internationally which aimed at targeting Amazon’s relationships with law enforcement agencies, particularly, their contracts with ICE. The action took place on the first of Amazon’s two prime days this year. These days are known for […]

Holding San Bernardino to a Higher Standard

What now stands as the San Bernardino International Airport was once the Norton Air Force Base. As a sprawling military facility employing scores of people from the surrounding communities, it represented the region’s pathway to economic sanctity through industrialization. It has been more than 25 years since the Norton Air Force Base of San Bernardino […]

Farewell and Thank You to a Fearless Leader

After six years fighting hard to organize and support courageous workers in the supply chains of Walmart, Amazon and other major retailers, Warehouse Worker Resource Center Co-Director Celene Perez will be moving on from the organization at the end of January. She is taking a position at the Central Labor Council of Riverside and San […]

Statement on Amazon’s announcement to pay a $15 minimum wage to US workers

October 2, 2018 — Heather Appel, Partnership for Working Families. The workers who build empires like Amazon deserve a fair return on their work. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the history of the world and warehouse workers have helped him amass his $164 billion fortune. Setting the wage floor at $15 is a […]