David Acosta is Back to Work

When We Fight We Win

David Acosta with his FamilyDavid Acosta, a leader in the fight to improve warehouse working conditions, is back to work today.

David was fired from his job as a forklift driver at a critical Walmart-controlled warehouse in Mira Loma, California at the end of May for allegedly violating a safety policy. David and his coworkers fought back against his unfair dismissal and retaliation by the warehouse operator, Schneider Logistics, for helping expose wrongdoing at the warehouse.

David is a lead plaintiff in a massive federal lawsuit that exposed millions of dollars in stolen wages. The lawsuit, of which Walmart, Schneider and the temporary staffing agencies that employed warehouse workers are defendants, helped end decades-long scheme to defraud workers.

“We know that Walmart is in control and now we will know the extent of their involvement to defraud workers,” Acosta said of the lawsuit.

In October 2011, workers who were jointly employed at the Walmart warehouses by Schneider Logistics, Inc. and two labor services subcontractors, Premier Warehousing Ventures and Impact Logistics, filed the Carrillo class action to recover back pay, penalties, and damages. Their lawsuit alleges that the workers who load and unload Walmart’s truck containers, many of whom have worked at these warehouses for years, were routinely forced to work off the clock, denied legally required overtime pay, and retaliated against when they tried to assert their legal rights, or even asked how their paychecks had been calculated.

The California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement raided the Walmart-contracted warehouses in October 2011 and issued citations for civil fines totaling more than $1 million for inadequate record keeping alone.

3 Comments on "David Acosta is Back to Work"

  1. Richard Crooks | June 19, 2013 at 9:26 am | Reply

    Congratulations, I’m really glad you are back. Keep up the fight. Wal Mart doesn’t care about anybody so a few thousand get killed, is their moto.

  2. Screw Wallyworld | June 19, 2013 at 3:14 pm | Reply

    Walmart for the longest time have been crooks.. look at what they’re doing to workers everyday.. I was a Walmart worker from 2006 to 2007, and I have noticed many things wrong with that company, for example:
    According to Walmart’s “policy” of “No overtime, workers are not allowed to have overtime, yet they are forced to have overtime if they do not finish he job, and if they refused to do overtime they are punished and written up.. that is just one example.. the other is they make you sign a form when you get terminated, making you hand over the stocks you so worked hard for.. just ask Ben Kincer about this.. here is his address:
    3201 Princeton Rd, Hamilton, OH 45011 (513) 869-8400
    Now I will bet Mr. Ben Kincer will deny of any wrong doings, or the owner, Mike is letting hm get away with treating workers wrongfully!

  3. Keep up the fight! These temp agencies are busting in every industry! Identify who they are and show your unity! Where it loud and display it proud! That reaally annoys them because it shows that they are failing. Hee hee!

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