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 Warehouse Workers of Los Angeles, Unite!

By Michelle Chen The Nation (Link to article.) The Port of Los Angeles has been a crossroads of global trade for decades—and a labor battleground for just about as long. Following in the wake of the historic longshore union wars and the more recent port trucker strikes, warehouse workers are rumbling the docks. A few […]

A “Dirty Dozen”: Companies That Routinely Steal Wages

By Rubén Tapia Radio Bilingue (Link to article and radio story.) In California, hundreds of thousands of workers receive less than minimum wage, or don’t get paid for overtime, or don’t get breaks they are due by law. In order to expose some of those responsible to public shame, a wide labor coalition just published […]

NLRB ruling on third-party employers could be a game changer for unions

By Shan Li, Samantha Masunaga and Daina Beth Solomon Los Angeles Times (Link to article.) Unions and other labor advocates are brainstorming strategies in the wake of a National Labor Relations Board ruling that could strengthen the hand of those at the lowest level of key industries including warehousing, construction, fast food and home healthcare. […]

UCR: Study calls warehouse jobs low-paying

By Imran Ghori Riverside Press-Enterprise (Link to article.) While Inland cities are increasingly looking to the logistics industry for economic growth, two recent studies by University of California, Riverside researchers say the mainly blue-collar employees who work at warehouses are paid poorly and lack proper access to health care. But the study was heavily criticized […]

Warehouse Jobs Pay Poorly, Lack Health Insurance

Two UCR studies of Inland Southern California workers find that warehouse jobs typically pay less than a living wage, are temporary, and lack health-care benefits By Bettye Miller UCR Today (Link to the article. Link to policy briefs.) RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Warehouses provide jobs for thousands of workers in the Inland Empire. But a majority […]

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Resource Center now home to Inland Latino organizations

By Anthony Victoria IE Community News Group (Link to full article.) Three of the Inland region’s top Latino serving organizations now have a place to call home. Labor employee advocates Warehouse Workers United (WWU) has given the Inland Empire-Immigrant Youth Coalition (IEIYC), Justice for Immigrants Coalition of Southern California (JFIC), and UNITE Local 11 the […]