California Alliance for Secure Employment


The WWRC has focused on engaging workers employed through staffing agencies in the warehouse sector for over seven years. We have seen a rapid rise in various methods of reducing security for worker in warehouses, including subcontracting and use of staffing agencies to fill long-term positions, on-call and short notice scheduling and misclassification of workers as independent contractors.

As we have heard from workers in other sectors, we are increasingly aware that these and other tactics are spreading to many other parts of our economy. In fact, research by Princeton economist Alan Krueger has found that 94% of new jobs created between 2005 and 2015 in the United States are temporary, subcontracted or contingent in some way.

In an effort to bring together a partnership to begin to strategize about these distressing facts, and the fact that here in California there are many very dynamic groups organizing around these issues in various sectors,  the WWRC and our project partner Worksafe have established the California Alliance for Secure Employment, a partnership of organizations working to develop strategies to address the different dimension of rapidly declining job security in our economy. On November 2, representatives from over 20 organizations including unions, worker centers, legal aid groups, and academics, held our first CASE convening, where we shared information about our experiences with insecure work, how it affects communities and organizing, and began to develop plans on what to do to move forward. We heard from allies from Illinois who are dealing with similar issues, and from the California Labor Commissioner on how best to develop administrative claims for legal violations among insecure workers.

Stay tuned to hear more as we develop our strategy to fight for secure jobs for all!