California Alliance for Secure Employment

The security of work in sectors of the economy that have historically supported middle class families has been rapidly declining over recent decades. Warehouse and logistics jobs, for instance, once consistently provided workers with a living wage, benefits and access to a pension fund. The growth of use of staffing agencies, reduction of consistent work and just-in-time employment, as well as the use of staffing agencies to discourage organizing and undermine collective bargaining are all trends that create insecurity- in our workplaces, in families, and in our communities.  

For over five years, the WWRC has been working to develop strategies in response to these trends, especially the spread of the use of staffing agencies in these workplaces. Such efforts include organizing strategies to encourage employers to hire on temporary workers directly, legal strategies to hold upstream employers accountable for wage theft and legal violations at subcontracted employers, and policy efforts to expand joint employment tools for both the California Labor Commissioner and private right of action.

Now, in partnership with worker organizing and advocacy groups across California, we have established the California Alliance for Secure Employment (CASE). CASE is an effort to bring together worker centers, unions, legal aid groups and policy advocates to learn from each other’s experiences, develop collaborative strategies and policy goals for our state. We are dedicated to establishing campaigns that raise the standard for workers across California and reverse the trend of economic and employment insecurity across the California economy.